Bed Bug Extermination Cost—Find Out How Much

Does the idea of bed bug extermination cost have you grappling for other ways to solve your bed bug dilemma? Are you worried about having to do treatment after treatment to get rid of these pests, possibly even throwing out your mattress in an effort to find peace from bed bugs?

At EnviroCon Termite & Pest, we believe bed bug treatment should be a one-stop shop. We have developed a method for annihilating bed bugs within minutes for good. Don’t waste your money on ineffective treatments that only kill the mature life stages of bed bugs, leaving behind eggs to hatch into a new problem weeks down the line.

Bed bug extermination cost.Our thermal eradication method uses infrared and laser equipment that sends out a uniform heat of 135 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all life stages of bed bugs in one go. It is a completely safe, eco-friendly process, as compared to chemical treatments and low-heat treatments used by other companies, which often require multiple sessions to tackle the pests. Our treatment is typically done in one, uninterrupted session and comes with a ninety day guarantee after completion.

We also provide free check-ups to ensure our work was worth the bed bug extermination cost. Prices are determined by the size of the area infested, but are sure to be a wise investment on any budget. Call EnviroCon Termite & Pest today for a free quote on our thermal bed bug removal process.

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